Have South African marketers become too mundane

Change is…. Hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.  Sure you’ve heard that one before and I’m a firm believer in this statement especially as a marketer myself.  To say that I love change and things that keep evolving would be a bit of an understatement.  The idea of exploring new and interesting facts, ideas, innovations and technology is what gets my creative juices flowing.  And I’m all for trying new innovation and applications, what will be the next big thing that will make our company stand out from the mundane, every day the run of the mill.

That brings me to my questions… why is there no “new ideas, grab it by the horns Brand Managers and fellow Marketers out there.  Take this Blippar Augmented Reality app of Ren-Form.  Been sharing, presenting, blogging this awesome, mind-blowing awe-inspiring app to my fellow Marketers.  Yes, agreed, I do get them excited and talking and sharing amazing ideas but that is where it tends to end! I’ve yet to meet one, that gets me super excited, someone that has the… Apples (thanks Savannah) that says… “yes it has not been tested in SA, yes we don’t have a tangible case study, yes no other brand has done this… so why don’t we be the first” What has happened to my fellow marketers that they become complacent to follow the pack and be mind-numbing copy cats…. What has happened to being first, taking a leap of faith… being that first one that said YES WE DARE TO SHOCK, INNOVATE, EDUCATE AND MAKE THIS OUR OWN, AND BE THE FIRST TO TAKE THIS TO MARKET.

Stats and case studies we have, agreed it is UK an US based… but my fellow marketers why can’t we make our own case studies and make our own stats.  Why are we as SA Marketers and Brand owners so cautious and reserved?  What has happened to the Bold, Brave and Ba**sey Creative Monsters out there.  Why are we for ever following in the footsteps of our UK and US counterparts? Are we not misjudging and discriminating against our customers and consumers?  Are we basically assuming that they not ready for this, don’t have the imagination for this, or that they not as enthusiastic and educated to comprehend this?

Yes, I agree strong words, but definitely one I am asking myself?  Are we not making fools of ourselves “assuming” our consumers/customers aren’t ready for new and innovative technology and advertising? Or have we forgotten what its like pitching a really awesome pitch and one that takes some work and convincing?

Hit a nerve… sorry if I upset your comfort zone and perhaps some egos.  Just some questions I’ve been asking myself and now putting it out there.

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