Reinventing Brands through Print

Elite’s Parra (“Cow”) Chocolate is one of Israel’s most time-honored, beloved chocolate brands, their latest campaign they packaged one million chocolate bars, each with a one-of-a kind wrapper.

Instead of a traditional red wrapper, each individual piece of the Cow Chocolate brand has a unique design. Connecting to the Do It Yourself (DIY) trends in social media, the wrappers can be folded into one-of-a kind paper sculptures of cows using origami, thus giving the campaign its unique name: Origamoo.

The chocolate brand, part of the Elite brands managed by the Strauss Group, has used an iconic cow in its signature red packaging since its inception in 1934. Strauss-Elite wanted to breathe new life to the popular brand using innovative packaging. They are expecting a significant growth in sales based on this campaign.

Brands need to start looking outside the box to pull in loyalty from customers, we need to start intriguing people, sparking their creativity and going beyond the average of what brands used to produce. Origamoo is a perfect example of how far brands can go and should be going and it is all done with print.

We are only limited by our imaginations and our marketing campaigns and branding attempts should be nothing less than magical, innovative and fresh. Customers expect more, they want to interact with your brand and that is why print is still alive.

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