We Buy Big You Save

The alarming rise in paper prices raised a concern at Ren-Form and forced management to re-examine our purchasing policies and look for cost-effective ways of buying paper. A solution that presented itself was to start buying in bulk, filling our warehouse or and look at other alternatives like sourcing paper from the Far East or other far-flung parts of the world.

The reasoning behind the move was that the per ton was cheaper, although the exchange rate plays a vital role in this calculation Ren-Form was of the opinion that the investment should compensate for the additional cost should the market play havoc, especially if the storage area is already being paid for.

Not every job is going to suit the papers Ren-Form buys in bulk, but when the paper savings on a job can run into double figures, it is something that more printers should be aware of, and have in the tool box to offer customers in the heat of negotiations. It is a tool that might just win the order.


Less expensive per unit This is the biggest benefit of buying in bulk, and it overshadows everything else. Almost always, when you buy in bulk, you're saving money per unit, which adds up to a real savings over time and it means we at Ren-Form can pass the saving on to you.

Less repetitive effort If you purchase paper in bulk, it often comes from the same batch hence fibers are the same, colours are consistent and of course you get the benefit of lowering your transport cost. Thus, each time you order you are assured of consistent colour , lowest pricing, ample stock and as explained all this adds up to you saving on your print spend.

Storage space at Ren-Form we buy all our paper in bulk and store it onsite and on offsite locations. As volatile as the markets are we need to be assured that we have stock at all times. You can have total peace of mind when it comes to Ren-Form managing your corporate CI.

Better budgeting, avoid unexpected increases in paper costs by bulk buying print at lower prices