In our day and age running a business means being a step ahead of the competition and still being able to remain innovative. But how exactly could a business accomplish this without breaking the bank? Ren-Form cc introduces an innovative product called, SmartStream Mosaic that will be able to give clients that added edge they’re looking for when it comes to their brand.

SmartStream Mosaic is a one of a kind software algorithm that gives big and small businesses the opportunity to print thousands, if not millions of different designs all by only using a few base designs. This way brands are able to give customers a product with a one-of-a-kind packaging that is interactive and unique.

There’s no denying the product has changed the individual brand experience as we experience it today. With SmartStream Mosaic larger brands are no longer the only corporations that are able to supply a unique label design on a massive scale. Now, brands worldwide are able to create memorable packaging and labels while making customers feel like individuals. This, not only gives businesses a platform to interact with their customers, but it also gives a consumer an opportunity to feel acknowledged.

How does SmartStream Mosaic work?

When it comes to SmartStream Mosaic you don’t necessary need a large team of designers to work on a project; the patent-pendant dynamic personalisation application also doesn’t take up a lot of time. In order for a brand to bring the variations of designs to life, they need to supply the base patterns. The SmartStream Mosaic software will then automatically turn the base patterns into a series of unique designs. But how exactly does this exceptional and innovative software work?

The software algorithm uses a vector PDF file as input. The SmartStream Mosaic will then create a large number of exponential variety by randomly transforming high-resolution vector art files using rotation, scaling and transposition. This will result in labels and packaging all being printed with a unique design that shares a common theme. Afterwards, a brand is left with a product that generates a memorable experience for their customers.

SmartStream Mosaic is considered one of the most innovative and personalised solutions for your business. It simply creates the ‘wow’ factor of giving your customers a unique product of their own. This not only makes a customer feel valued, but the software also creates an opportunity for your brand’s packaging to be the frontrunner of innovative design trends.

The SmartStream Mosaic software keeps on impressing multiple brands and can easily be accessed by your own business. Join the revolution today by sending us an email on or giving us a call on (011) 493 1575/6.

Smartstream Mosaic