In light of the COVID 19 global pandemic, the following stringent measures for the safety of our people and clients are to be adhered to by all persons entering the premises of Ren-Form; Ren-Flex and Ticket and Tags cc:

• Face to face contact with customers to be minimised.

All office visits and meetings are to be discouraged where possible.
Should there be an essential “person to person” business visit required; please ensure that both visitor/s and staff member are wearing masks. Masks to be removed once off site by the visitor.All “walk in” customers are to be issued with face masks upon arrival.
Sales Executives are encouraged to limit client visits to only the essential and use discretion in every instance.
We encourage all staff to make use of SKYPE, or on-line MS Team meetings, phone calls etc

• All staff are to intensify good hygiene practices (mandatory)

It is essential that all individuals take 100% responsibility for their personal hygiene practises.
Please report any possible contamination or threat of contamination to management.
It is essential that you practise “social distancing” in the workplace.
Should you travel with public transport of any form, we highly recommend that you cover your nose and mouth with a mask or some sort of covering.
Please refrain from touching and shaking hands.Do not cough or sneeze in an unprotected manner, ensure that that you are not infecting the surroundings.
It is essential for all staff to wash and sanitise their hands thoroughly before reporting to their workstations.
Please allow sufficient time to do so without affecting production requirements.
Hand sanitizers have been provided at all entrances and passage doors.
It is essential that you sanitize your hands when using the doorways and moving from one area to the next.
Ensure that all door handles and surface areas are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day.
Kindly ensure that your telephone and mobile phone is cleaned regularly as these can be carriers of germs.

• Staff screening (temperatures)

We are currently sourcing temperature monitors to check staff temperatures on site.
If your temperature is above the average normal body temperature and you are experiencing symptoms like fever; difficulty in breathing and/or other, you will requested to leave the premises immediately to consult your doctor.
Seasonal flu and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) are two different issues. It’s vitally important that you keep yourself informed accurately and act timeously when in doubt.

Do not panic – keep calm and act responsibly.

Any staff member who is sent home, will need medical clearance from a registered medical doctor before returning to work.
We urge all staff to take this matter very seriously and to always consider the health and well-being of yourself and fellow staff members at all times.
The situation will be monitored closely and updated as and when required.
Should you have any queries, please direct these though your line manager to HR or the GM.

Thank you for keeping yourself and the environments of our company and its clients safe at all times.