Have you ever heard the term “Print offers a longevity that digital can’t”. Let’s take a closer look and then leave it with you to decide.  A consumer will see a tweet or a paid advert and then instantly carry on with their online journey, if you are fortunate enough the CT (Click Through) will take place if the consumer is interested. Now, the same advert can be given to a consumer via a brochure or flyer and the following happens:  they can take it away and read it in their own time and then go back to it again. We believe an emotional bond is experienced,  whereas in digital media this same bond is not possible.

We believe that when used correctly print marketing can inform, engage and inspire your customers. How you ask? Through effective print marketing. Use the right tools and think like your customer. We’ve put together what we think are the best tips for effective print marketing.


Use a graphic designer and print professionally to achieve the best quality. When you put your logo on something it will be associated with your brand. A clumsy design, low resolution image and bad print job all send the message that your brand is low quality. Wouldn’t you agree? So, invest in a graphic designer that will provide you with a sleek, high resolution design and ensure that high quality message follows through by using a professional printer, like us, to achieve a beautiful finished product.

Target Audience

Think about who you are trying to reach. Research who they are. Where do they go? What do they read? How do they consume information? Once you’ve answered this, decide what the best way to communicate with them is: handing out flyers at a robot, postcards in the mail or coupons at shopping centres. Make sure you’re targeting the right people in the best way.


Inspire consumers with a call-to-action by including an offer in your printed material that encourages consumers to make contact before it’s too late. Try a coupon or advertising a limited offer. This encourages consumers to act faster and as a result your printed material works quickly and avoids being added to that “pile of stuff I’ll get to someday”.

Track your performance

Including a unique website landing page or a specific phone number to contact for that ad helps to track how effecting that particular print marketing was. This allows you to look at the data and make judgements on what to keep and what improvements need to be made for the next campaign to increase results.

Make it personal

Everyone wants to feel special and unique. How do you do that with print? Personalise your message to them include the person’s name, their pet’s name or a recent vacation destination. You’ll cut through the clutter and your message will be more likely to be read and maybe even kept to show friends and family the unique message they’ve received.

We believe that print marketing when done right can be just as effective, if not more effective than digital marketing. Contact us for help with your print marketing: inquiries@renform.co.za