ISO 9001:2015


As leading players in the printing and packaging markets in South and Southern Africa, Ren-Form and Ren-Flex respectively have to take extreme measures to ensure customer satisfaction.

Part of this involves meeting the requirements of those customers who, themselves, have achieved standardised accreditation. The process of adopting a standard such as ISO 9001 is quite a lengthy one and requires considerable attention to detail, dedicated operating procedures and strict control. Given the fact that achieving accreditation requires external oversight means that it is not good enough to do the bare minimum, you have to meet all of the requirements – no matter how stringent.

There is the perception that ISO accreditation is simply related to improving efficiencies with a view to reducing costs. While this is one of the benefits which can be accrued from the process, it is not the only, or even the most important, benefit. In actual fact the main benefit is not felt by the company itself, but rather by its customers.

Ren-Form and Ren-Flex will obviously reap the benefits of smoother operation and the reduction of risk resulting from lower levels of waste, improved performance from all players and satisfied customers, but it is our customers who will see a more efficient service provider, faster turnaround of their jobs and improved quality in every aspect of their work.

All our processes encompasses and comprises all external players including suppliers, outsourced service providers and customers. This gives customers peace-of-mind knowing that they can expect the very best service and quality from every stage of the production cycle, irrespective of whether it is handled internally or externally.

The result of all of this hard work is that Ren-Form and Ren-Flex have become two of the first companies in printing and packaging industry to achieve the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

As previously stated, ISO accreditation is not a destination but a journey and one which has very clearly marked milestones. Each one of our companies will have to face a new audit to determine whether the standards are being maintained.

Having achieved such lofty heights, Ren-Form and Ren-Flex are now in the ideal position to reap the rewards associated with accreditation – including attracting new customers who want to be linked with quality of the highest standard. Will you be one of them?