Ren-Form’s litho offset printing options offer you real value. All our printed jobs are of an exceptional quality and will impact your business positively. That’s why we count prestigious organisations across the globe among our customers. Ren-Form is a full-service printer specialising in professional colour printing. Our services include the printing of commercial brochures, magazines, booklets, catalogues, newsletters and much more. With several decades’ experience in commercial printing, we understand that every print job must deliver on your vision and ideas. That is why our dedicated team carefully examines each order and involves you from start to finish, taking your budget into account and striving to fulfil your needs every step of the way. In this way, we ensure that your ideas come to life. Ren-Form has an extensive range of printing equipment that allows us to meet and exceed any commercial printing requirement. Our equipment also ensures that each job is carried out with speed and efficiency whilst maintaining the highest level of print quality. In addition, we have finishing machines for collating, drilling, binding, die- cutting, folding, stitching, and varnishing. Our extensive bindery and finishing department is also able to UV coat your litho prints, giving them a high-gloss or matte laminate protective finish. In addition to standard coil, GBC and wiro binding, we also offer saddle-stitching, perfect binding and bur binding. We can also produce custom laminated tabs, die-cuts, pocket folders, padding and foam core mounting.

What is the Difference Between Litho and Digital Printing?

One of the key differences between digital and offset printing is how each prints on media. With offset, ink is absorbed into the paper while with digital, dry ink or toner rests on top of the paper to create the image. Offset requires large quantities to be printed whilst digital requires only one. However, don’t be fooled! The break-even point on digital printing can be reached very quickly depending on quantities. Paper size as well as the finished product are also crucial factors in determining whether a job should be printed digitally or by offset. In addition, with our new CGS software, we can now control the digital and offset quality. This means that colour differentiation no longer is such a big issue when we print one job digitally and the other offset.

How Does Litho Printing and Sheetfed Printing Work?

Lithography is an "offset" printing technique. Ink is not applied directly from the printing plate (or cylinder) to the substrate as it is in gravure, flexography and letterpress. Ink is applied to the printing plate to form the "image" (such as text or artwork to be printed) and then transferred or "offset to a rubber "blanket". Litho Printing Companies take the image on the blanket which is then transferred to the substrate (typically paper or paperboard) to produce the printed product. The main advantage of offset printing is its high and consistent image quality. The process can be used for small, medium or high-volume jobs. In sheet-fed offset printing, individual pages of paper are fed into the machine. The pages can be pre-cut to the final publication size or trimmed after printing.

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