My grandfather was a printer, way back when, I remember staring at the colour bars on a yogurt tub and being told a long winded story about how his job was to check that those colours were exactly right. I could never understand why decades later he still seemed so enthralled by print. Here I am, in print, and I finally get it. They say “once you have the ink in your veins it never leaves you”, I really hope that’s true, I want to always be as passionate about something as the people who keep the cogs turning here are about print.

It’s not hard to see why they’re all so enthralled with print. Have you ever seen pages quite literally fly out of an HP Indigo 7800 in perfect colour? I did, a week ago and I still can’t shut up about it! Have you ever seen how the colours mesh together so elegantly as pages roll through litho printing? It’s magnificent! And don’t even get me started on the never ending reams of paper creating a train through continuous printing! Everything here is fast paced and attention to detail is on a whole new level. If you’re not in flats and you don’t have an eagle eye, you’re not going to survive.

This extrodinary industry that explodes with coulor, both in the office and on the pages is immensly spellbinding. Behind the scenes I’ve met the most facinating people who always seem to have smiles on their faces, no matter the weather. Learning everything from the difference between RGB and CMYK, to mosaic and the unique edge it gives brands, to the new, fast, instant digital print machines and the amazing turnarounds they offer.

It’s amazing the difference a good printing company can make to a business. Coming from a marketing background I see now how a good printing company can make or break your brand. How those who are passionate about getting your exact colour right and not just slap dashing, making sure your end result is what you need to put you on the map and keep you there. These people are passionate about their jobs, they’re passionate about print and the challenges don’t scare them, they excite them.



I’ll be honest, I thought print was about to die but I see now that it is alive and kicking so hard that it’s impossible to ignore. I guess that’s what happens when you put passionate people who embrace change into an industry like print, they thrive and you can’t help but get sucked into the spectacular world that is print.