Ren-Form’s unrivalled expertise and experience in anti-counterfeiting strategies, processes and products meet and surpass the toughest product authentication and tracking challenges. We are renowned for our security printing and have successfully completed many comprehensive security risk management and audit certified compliance inspections, both locally and internationally.

Ren-Form also has a highly advanced anti-forgery design system with a high resolution printing output. Special papers and inks are used in many of the products and are monitored by dedicated staff for both quality and quantity.

It goes without saying that the premises used for the security printing are protected by a range of high-level monitoring and access control systems. The premises are also monitored on a 24-hour basis by a corps of highly trained staff, so that you can rest assured that your security documents are in safe hands. We also ensure that wastage and overruns are properly shredded and stringent daily checks ensure that all the stipulated security measures are adhered to. In addition, we have our own fleet so that we can deliver your printed security products directly to you.

Our security product lines are diverse and include amongst others: specialty forms for various revenue services across the continent; elections ballot papers and electoral forms; identification and passport application forms; train tickets; scratch cards; waybills; vehicle registration forms and license discs; tally rolls; pin mailers and many more.

We have pioneered and invented bespoke security printing solutions to ensure that you have maximum protection against advanced documentation fraud. Our client base is wide and varied. We have provided security printing for the following industry sectors, both locally and internationally:

• Manufacturing.

• Pharmaceutical and Healthcare.

• Hospitality and Gaming.

• Financial and Insurance.

• Transportation, including rail, road, air and cruise line sectors.

Our vast experience in the many various security printing options make us the ideal company to assist you with your security printing needs. Our highly knowledgeable staff members will be able to assist you with any queries you may have and advise you on the best options to ensure your print job is both safe and secure.