With this application, you can add tremendous value to any static document by suggesting personalization enable VDP (Variable Data Printing).

Customers can now add promotional material to transactional documents such as bills, statements, cross-selling and marketing without having to add any additional sheets.

From a marketing perspective of view targeted direct mail pieces and other marketing communication have been shown to be more effective when personalized.

VDP information has everything to do with names and numbers, addresses, purchasing data and other specific, targeted information. Other terms you may hear are 1:1 Marketing, Bespoke, Direct Marketing and Mass Communication.

Results are astounding and as much as 45% ROI opposed to the mail merge 15 – 10%.


Ren-Form and XMPie bring you the world’s leading solution for data-driven cross-media (print, SMS, email and web pages) personalization.

Its primary application is to enable and manage the variability of text, images, charts, logos and graphs, which is especially important in today’s increasingly competitive and cluttered marketing environment.

Today’s customers are demanding these value-added printing services as part of printing and fulfilment contracts, as a result of the dramatically improved response rates they can achieve versus static print-improvements ranging from 44% using basic personalization to over 500% with a campaign including variable text and images driven by a database, according to a recent RIT study.

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