Thomas du Sart


Tommy, as most in the industry fondly yet respectfully know him is the CEO of Ren-Form. He has a variety of hobbies and adrenaline activities that he like to partake in, however these skills and talents are nothing compared to his skills in the business arena. He began working for Ren-Form in production, where he continued to work his way up in the management structure. The then owner of Ren-Form afforded him the opportunity to show his true potential and become the business man and entrepreneur he was meant to be. Tommy became partner and then took the bold step to acquire Ren-Form as a whole in 1989. A true crisis and change management expert within the business, finance, and the ability to, innovate, map and actualize equitable and innovative solutions, that generate immense wealth across the Ren-Form operations. A persuasive coach and industry leader, deftly influencing and negotiating at the highest levels, extracting maximum value from project teams and his management teams and building cross-organizational cohesion through positive directional leadership. He is an ethical advisor with unwavering integrity. That is our formidable leader and CEO Tommy du Sart.

Damien du Sart

General Manager

Damien du Sart is part of the Ren-Form family institution, and has assimilated his passion for print and the Ren-Form business from his father Tommy du Sart. Commencing his career at Ren-Form as a Continuous Planner in 2001, he worked his way up the ranks, and solidified his role in the Management Team. Damien has proven to be a true Leader with unaffected passion, drive and ambition. Possessing excellent management skills Damien is able to direct, manage and supervise all planning, production and scheduling activities. Well adverse to spot issues and opportunities before others, and he has extensive knowledge of key issues like stock management, cost control and effective labor scheduling. Most recently Damien was promoted to General Manager of Ren-Form and his responsibilities changed overnight to that of Key Decision Maker. Backed by years of experience, guidance from Management, leadership and molding from our CEO, we are confident that Damien will lead Ren-Form into the next generation of print. Damien holds various qualifications amongst Pg. Cert. Business Project Management, Pg. Cert. Management Development, Supervisory and Management Principles, Pg. Dip. Project Management. He is currently studying towards his Management Advanced Program qualification.

JP du Sart

Sales Director - Ren-Form

Jean Pierre or JP as all knows him is the Sales Director at Ren-Form cc. He manages and is directly responsible for the daily operations of sales both locally and internationally. Solving everyday problems, quickly and effectively and finding new and innovative ways to make the company more sales and solutions orientated thus ensuring a good coordination between all Ren-Form operational and sales services. JP’s role as Sales Director ensures the implementation and monitoring of continuous improvement programs/processes. In addition JP manages a network of independent sale agents across the African Continent. Despite his busy schedule he also serves on the Central Chamber Board of the Printing Federation of South Africa. JP matriculated in 1981 and later graduated with a Higher National Diploma in Electrical Engineering in 1986. JP has a strong background in Contract Management and Project Management and has proven to successfully manage multi million rand/dollar projects with ease and flair. JP has been fortunate to have travelled to 46 countries due to the nature of his work and of course when holidaying.

Ryan Calvert

Sales Manager - Ren-Form

If you had told Ryan in 2010 commencing his career with Ren-Form, that he would be Sales Manager of Ren-Form Sales in 2017, he would have probably grinned, deliberated and said… bet your life on it. Ryan’s experience in print production, job planning and daily sales operations was gained by working his way up the ranks from sales support, estimator, production planner to the accomplished and respected manager he is today. His focus and personality being one of his greatest assets in achieving goals with un-relentless focus on getting teams and people to perform at their best and a continuous drive to advance business processes. “Success in golf depends less on strength of body more on strength of mind and character” and this passionate golfer and footballer has plenty of that.
His hands-on problem-solving ability coupled with his appetite for new challenges, affirms why Ryan is the firm favorite amongst our customers when dealing with Ren-Form. His formal experience include a National Diploma in Print Management, Diploma in Business Management and a Printing and Packaging Management Diploma gained through the Printing Federation of South Africa through CPUT.

Albe Naude

Sales Director - Ren-Flex

Albe Naude has been involved with Ren-Form since 2009 as a Consultant and assumed his role as COO of Ren-Form in August 2010. Serving as CEO in the weight measurement and sales industry from 2000 to 2009, Albe came to the decision to transform his career path and turned his attention to print which proved to be the start of many sleepless nights and substantiated to be the challenge he was hoping for. Pioneering Turnaround Executive optimizing holistic, integrated change across all areas of operations Albe had his work cut out for him. In the past and present, Albe led teams to deliver phenomenal profits, sustainable business growth, and being the change agent for rapid launch of industry-leading new products, services and sales. Albe proved to be a fearless change agent fuel-injected with enthusiasm, envisioning and executing game-changing turnarounds FAST, get returns NOW and bullet-proof companies against the economic tsunami forces driving today’s highly volatile local and global markets. It was Albe’s responsibility to bring about change in Ren-Form, ensuring a healthy, ignition of strong leadership across all levels and enable good and knowledgeable people to have a secure future.

Karyn du Sart

Director - Ren-Flex

Karyn is a true leader and provides organisational change, execution of tactical and business projects and business management expertise. She has over 20 years of experience in the print and corporate sector and has perfected the “art” of engaging staff to yield results. She has honed her skills in business administrative management, project management, budget management, planning, issues management and governance. A results-driven senior executive with estensive management abilities, Karyn has demonstrated success as an active leader in providing various management solutions that complement the branches and divisions of Ren-Form. Karyn is an exceptional relationship builder and negotiator, collaborating with senior management to effectively prioritise activities and achieve defined objectives. She succeeds in translating business requirements into operational solutions and process improvements to ultimately achieve corporate performances, goals and targets.

Dwayne du Sart

General Manager - Ren-Flex

Dwayne has extensive production management, general management and costing experience in Litho and IML technology processes as well as in print and digital technology. As a youngster, the “ink” was evident in him when he spent many holidays working at Ren-Form. His passion for the industry was clear at a very early age and he soon diverted from the University path to start his carrer at the family run business Ren-Form. Dwayne joined Ren-Form in the Continuous Department as a talented and dedicated operator. He progressed to become one of the most skilled operators at Ren-Form, so it was no surprise when he took over the reigns at Ren-Flex to manage the production plant. From 2002, Dwayne led many new trials and tests and with his drive and determination turned out Ren-Flex’s first successful run in 2004. He was instrumental in Ren-Flex’s startup, testing and its current wave of success. Dwayne’s focus on quality output makes him an asset to Ren-Flex’s management team and to the business as a whole.