Digital printing has evolved over the years to meet new customer needs and provide us with advances in printing and the way in which we interact with print. We’ve had a look at why digital printing is so important in the printing industry and why it will continue to be an integral cog in our well-oiled machine.


In the past digital printing was seen as the solution to shorter runs due to the lack of plates however, the equipment that provided the same high quality that offset produced and people had become accustomed to was costly and so acted as a barrier to many printers.


Today digital printing gives us the flexibility to achieve things that are not possible with conventional printing. We can use new inks like the HP Indigo Fluorescent Inks, new substrates, custom printing with HP Collage and Mosaic as well as personalisation through variable data printing and XMPie. This has changed the way in which we interact with print, making it a personalised, customisable experience.


Digital printing has opened up a whole new world in the printing industry and the future of digital looks bright with predictions towards direct production decoration in the future, making the entire package, or container printable graphics and in turn creating a completely new type of marketing environment.

While large volume offset printing is still a huge part of the industry and we think it will continue to be in the future, we also believe that we need the flexibility to adapt to the needs of our customers. Digital printing equips us with the tools to meet customer expectations and embrace the extraordinary new advances in printing.

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