Lithography/Lithographic and offset printing, or litho printing for short, is the process of placing an image of the desired content on a plate, which is then covered in ink and used for printing. This method can be used to print on paper, cardboard, and a variety of other materials.

Because of the high quality results and quick turnaround, lithography is widely used for printing books, catalogues, and posters all over the world. While it takes longer to set up than a digital printer, it is faster to produce large numbers of high-quality repeat items. That is why it is ideal for the items listed above.

That technology has come a long way since it was invented in the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1796.

What Is the best application for litho printing, and why?

We’ve discussed what litho printing is best used for, but here’s a more comprehensive, although not exhaustive, list:

Brochures of exceptional quality




Posters for promotions

Anything that requires sharp, vibrant printing in large quantities.

If you require a high-quality finish and precise colors, litho can be completed quickly.