Sure you have been told this many times in the last few months if not years.  Is this perhaps the end of print marketing as we know it? Asking various Millennials, Gen Z, and Baby boomers I’d expect you would get a different answer from each one of them. Millennials for instance lead other generations and generally still prefer to touch, look and even smell the books they read.  While our Gen Z prefers quality and the customization of printed matter (call to action – puzzles, QR Codes, quizzes, AR).  Remember to keep it short and sweet, uncluttered, and come straight to the point or you will lose your Gen Z for sure.  A study from American University looked at over 300 college students in four countries and found that 92 percent would rather do their coursework in print as opposed to tablets and computers. Interesting?

So we pose the question can electronic media replace print media? If you ask brands like Makro, Shoprite, and Pick’nPay I bet you the answer will be a flat out “NO”.  It is without a doubt that these retailers derive most of their success from printed catalogues. And I for one will admit they are most effective when it comes to reaching the consumer without the digital devices and outlying areas.  With print, it is safe to say that your expenses are managed and will contribute to effective budget management.


Comparing this to electronic media, the reach is greater and more creative but this could become a costly exercise.  Adding to this, the profit you gain through targeting your ideal client most likely to purchase your product, outweighs the investment.  Purchasing the database can be a risk as not all data is correct and spam filters and firewalls are pushing most of these campaigns straight to spam.  Thus print media will undoubtedly have a higher viewing frequency than digital campaigns.

Let’s take flyers, brochures, and other physical marketing or promotional pieces, the chances of this being viewed several times or even shared with others are good.  Compared to mail pieces that pile up and clutter your inbox and inevitably get discarded.  Now think again which of the two had a better “shelf life” the print or the email campaign.  I am of the opinion that both should be utilized to have a better impact on your consumer.  That’s to say that you have the budget to do that.  Undoubtedly if you are in marketing during these times that is a very slim possibility. It is believed the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, which makes print visuals even more powerful.  39% of customers first try a business because of print advertising.



Clearly this comparison is up to the marketer and agency on what medium they prefer.  The results you aim to achieve.  Our aim is to share this with our customers to illustrate why some businesses are still using print to sell their products and why they are still doing well in their marketing efforts.  Driving customer engagement can still lead them to your website or social media pages but when it comes to the benefits of using print in conjunction with your digital efforts… that’s when reaping the benefits of a solid omnichannel.


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